Dear NABNA Members and supporters:

As previously mentioned by the immediate past president of NABNA (Karen D. Dorough –Adams) our everyday lives have been changed in ways like we have never experienced before, the safety and well-being of our family and community is a top priority with the leadership of NABNA. As our nation, and others throughout the world, continues to battle the health needs of those inflicted with the coronavirus (COVID-19), we have repositioned ourselves to remain laser-focused on protecting and preserving our families while continually to meeting the critical needs of this Nation.

As the new president of NABNA, I will continue to lead with safety and health in mind as we transition to public gatherings and continue down the path of the “new normal”.  In doing so NABNA has decided to reassemble for the purpose of holding its annual conference.

I ask that we all do our individual part in making sure we take health and safety protocols seriously so collectively we can reap the benefits including the   hierarchy of needs public assembly provides.  

I am immensely grateful for the ongoing support of present NABNA members and supporters. I am optimistic about the new membership and direction of NABNA.  The collective effort of active leadership and participation, has been essential in the stability and continued growth of NABNA during difficult times. NABNA leadership has continued to adjust, communicate and succeed using current means of technology. Adaptation will remain one of our core principles, for we know the one constant in life is change. We will keep an open hand extended for every government series and organization that aligns with our ideals and goals.  

The NABNA Executive Board and I would also like to extend our gratitude to all of those that risk everything (and their families) when serving and protecting our neighborhoods and country. We understand the high standard and expectations you carry and are judged by daily. We realize mental health is as vital as your physical fitness. Please take the time for self-care and as always; stay vigilant! 

Live long and prosper,

Jason Bradford – NABNA President