NABNA focuses on two categories: Communities and Law Enforcement Careers.
To develop a relationship within the minority community for the recruitment of minorities for federal, state and local law enforcement positions
To strive to develop methods of improving the image of narcotic law enforcement as a viable career choice among members of the minority community, and to assist such law enforcement agencies in the recruitment of minority persons as employees
To award college scholarships in the fields of law enforcement
To serve as mentors to disadvantaged youth
Law Enforcement Careers
To assist where possible, officials at all levels who are responsible for the implementation of equal employment opportunity policies within the DEA and other narcotic law enforcement agencies, and to ensure equal employment opportunities for all minority employees engaged in narcotic law enforcement
To develop and provide educational programs designed to increase the proficiency and effectiveness of minorities engaged in narcotic law enforcement (i.e.; employees of DEA and other law enforcement agencies.)
To identify and address issues relevant to Black Agents and other minority persons engaged in narcotic law enforcement (i.e.; employees of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) or employees within State and Local government organizations
To regularly disseminate and communicate information of interest to its members, as well as to provide other services and assistance to its members
To bring together in a spirit of friendship, good will and camaraderie, minority persons and others presently or previously engaged in narcotic law enforcement