NABNA was started by the Black Special Agents of the DEA but its membership was opened to local, state and other federal law enforcement organizations that had jurisdiction and responsibility for narcotic law enforcement. NABNA’s membership also was opened to other core employees in those organizations who supported or had a role and interest in the goals and objectives of narcotic enforcement.  This included regulatory, intelligence, technical and other support personnel in these organizations.   

The Annual NABNA Conference and Training Sessions were designed and offered various investigative technique training, subject matter material as well as case study, applicable laws to our state and local partners as well as provided liaison and professional relationship building which fostered and led to better cooperation and recruitment in helping DEA meet its goals and objectives in the area of narcotic enforcement.

The Annual NABNA Conference and Training sessions had been seen by many DEA members as a positive and it provided an avenue for networking and expanding their knowledge and skills in conducting narcotic investigations. During the early years, Black agents were more populated in DEA’s Regional, Divisional and large District Offices.  Black Special Agents who were assigned in those Regional, Divisional and District offices of the DEA begin to formalize and start local chapters of NABNA. They elected their own local leadership and officers and were heavily engaged in local educational projects, mentoring of high school student, engaging in community and civic events in the cities and communities where they worked.  There were local chapters established in Atlanta, Miami, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, New Jersey, New York, New Orleans, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Dallas, Houston, and Los Angeles. It is also worthy to mention that Black Special Agents and other core DEA personnel who were members of NABNA and who did not have enough members to start a local chapter on its own, affiliated with members in larger offices closest to their location and / or duty station. 

All of the regions, divisions and or district offices who established NABNA Local Chapters hosted the Annual NABNA Conference and Training Meetings multiple times over the past 40 plus years.    


NABNA’s Board of Director Members During the Early Years

Dr. Lee P. Brown, Commissioner Public Safety (Atlanta, Georgia)

Alcee L. Hastings, U.S. District Judge, FL / U.S. House of Representatives

George L. Howell. Attorney (Parks, Jackson & Howell)

Maynard H. Jackson, Mayor, City of Atlanta  

Dr. Komanduri Murty, Professor of Psychology and Criminal Justice (Atlanta University) / Ft. Valley State 

Dr. George Napper, Director of Police Services (Chief of Police) Atlanta’s 1st 

Dr. Joann D (“JD”) Smith, Professor of Criminal Justice, Atlanta University 

Ozell Sutton, Director, U.S. Dept. of Justice’s Community Relations Services Atlanta / Civil Rights Activist 

DEA Special Agent Board Members

Glenn C. Brown, DEA Special Agent (International Training Division) / CA Nassau Bahamas 

George L. Heard, DEA Special Agent (Los Angeles Office)

Bennie Swint, Jr., DEA Special Agent (Atlanta, Georgia)

Tyrone V. Yarn, DEA Special Agent (Atlanta, Georgia)

NABNA’s Long Term Supporting Board Members and Advisors 20+ Years

The Honorable Clarence Cooper, Senior U.S. District Court Judge, NDGA

The Honorable Sterling Johnson, Jr., Senior U.S. District Court Judge, SDNY

Special Agent Serving as NABNA’s CEO / Executive Secretary

Gerald D. Chapman – 1979 – 1990

Special Agents Elected to Serve as President of NABNA

Morris H. “Pete” Davis – 1st President

Carl L. Jackson – 2nd President

R C Gamble, Jr.

Ernest L. Howard

Roger C. Johnson 

John W. Lee 

Normadine Murphy

Terry L. Parham

Karl C. Colder – Longest serving President + 10 years

Anthony “Tony” Scott

Daniel C. Comeaux

Karen D. Dorough-Adams 

Jason Bradford – Current Serving President


DEA Special Agent Calvin C. Campbell passed away while still on the job as the Resident Agent in Charge, DEA Memphis, TN Office on May 13, 1990.

DEA Special Agent Gene H. Johnson passed away while still on the job as the Resident Agent in Charge, DEA Orlando, FL Resident Office on March 10, 1995.