Michael A. Powell, a dynamic law enforcement professional, whose motto is professionalism, accountability and transparency, with 31+ years of continuous growth, achievement, experience and leadership in law enforcement with comprehensive management, organizational and strategic planning expertise in diverse U. S. and international arenas. m_powellResults focused pacesetter. A sound financial manager. Promote principles of “common sense” management. Ability to communicate in Spanish with established global liaisons throughout the foreign and domestic law enforcement, intelligence and governmental communities. Possesses expertise in the development and implementation of emergency preparedness, planning, and coordination. Extensive travel abroad representing DEA as an enforcement Special Agent Manager in the Western Hemisphere.
As a senior manager for the U.S. Department of Justice, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Section Chief (SC) Michael A. Powell entered duty with the DEA in March 13, 1988, and completed Basic Agent Training in June 1988. Shortly after graduation from DEA Training, SC Powell reported to the Miami Field Division (MFD) and was assigned to an enforcement group for approximately three years and was primarily responsible for conducting significant complex cocaine investigations resulting in federal charges. SC Powell had the additional responsibilities of coordinating enforcement operations between DEA MFD Enforcement Group 6, the Miami Beach and Coral Gables Police Departments.
In 1992, SC Powell was transferred to the La Paz Bolivia Country Office (LPCO) where he worked in the newly-formed Bolivian National Police Narcotics Unit (NU). SC Powell, managed narcotic enforcement operations in the jungle terrain, and was primarily responsible for the narcotic operations at the La Paz, Bolivia International Airport. Prior to reporting to the LPCO, SC Powell graduated from DEA SNOWCAP training. During his assignment in Bolivia, SC Powell coordinated significant investigations that impacted the US drug supply.
In November 1994, SC Powell was transferred to the MFD, assigned to Enforcement Group 6. Following the creation of the Mobile Enforcement Team (MET) circa March 1995, SC Powell was re-assigned to the MET. While assigned to the MET, SC Powell was frequently assigned as the Acting GS absence a permanent GS. As the Acting GS, SC Powell supervised an investigation in which DEA was eventually awarded the MFD MET team with the Outstanding Group Achievement Award. As a result of SC Powell’s investigative efforts, he was selected by the State of Florida as Narcotic Officer of the Year.
In January 2000, SC Powell was promoted to Group Supervisor (GS) position at the Eagle Pass Resident Office (EPRO). At the EPRO, SC Powell supervised the newly formulated EPRO State and Local Task Force.
During July 2001, SC Powell was reassigned to the Resident Agent in Charge (RAC) position of the EPRO and the Del Rio Post of Duty (DRPOD). As the RAC of the EPRO and the DRPOD, SC Powell ensured that the office’s available resources were employed at executing the Administrator’s vision. Under the management oversight of SC Powell, the EPRO and the DRPOD routinely targeted the most significant international illicit trafficking organizations impacting US drug supply, ultimately resulting in numerous Continuing Criminal Enterprise (CCE) convictions. In addition to maintaining management oversight for the EPRO and the DRPOD, SC Powell was DEA’s chief law enforcement personnel on the southwest border. Additionally, SC Powell was responsible for a HIDTA budget in excess of $800,000.00 annually.
With limited resources, SC Powell conducted studies and developed an enforcement group curriculum to train and mentor DEA Special Agents, other federal, state and local police officers in various areas of federal drug law enforcement. The programs that SC Powell developed provided the office personnel with a solid foundation in pursuit of the agency’s mission.
In July 2005, SC Powell was transferred to what is now known as the Office of Global Enforcement assigned to the Latin America and Caribbean Section, where he has had HQ coordination responsibilities for the following DEA country offices, La Paz Bolivia, Caracas, Venezuela and Bogota, Colombia.
On March 27, 2011, SC Powell was temporarily promoted to the position of Acting Deputy Section Chief, Office of Global Enforcement/Latin America & Caribbean Section (OGL).
On May 11, 2011, SC Powell was promoted to the Deputy Section Chief position in OGL.
On August 26, 2012, SC Powell was re-assigned to the Section Chief position in OGL. SC Powell is the Section Chief for a staff comprised of one Deputy Section Chief, eight staff coordinators, two program analysts, and one secretary. In this position, SC Powell maintains operational management oversight responsibilities for DEA offices located in the Andean and Southern Cone Regions, and the Caribbean, and as such, manage foreign investigations and enforcement operations, and further ensure compliance with DEA’s goals and objectives, as well as the laws of the U.S. and host countries. SC Powell ensures that OGL coordinates with the field regarding domestic and foreign investigations and law enforcement activities initiated within OGL’s area of responsibility (AOR). SC Powell ensures that OGL provide operational support to domestic Priority Target Organization (PTO) and Consolidated Priority Organization Target (CPOT) investigations and other domestic projects having a nexus to Latin America and the Caribbean.
Effective December 31, 2014, SC Powell retired from DEA after approximately 26.9 years of services.