drug2I’ve got some bad news and some good news.  Let’s start with the bad: millions of Americans are slowly killing themselves by abusing legal and illicit drugs.  I am grateful that it’s not a road I ever traveled.  But I got to thinking – why not?  How was I spared a life of heart break?  The short answer is that I was terrified.  I saw drugs as the fire the older people told me never to touch; I was convinced that if I tried drugs I was going to be strung-out – and that was not what I wanted for my life.  For me, a person who has not tried a drug, it really was that simple.  But I understand that life is very different for someone who has acquired an appetite for a substance.  Quitting can be terribly difficult.  So I’m back to, it’s a lot easier if we avoid experimenting with drugs.  My motto is:  “Don’t try drugs, you might like them.” That’s the good news – you can live a life without the burden of cravings.  NABNA can use your help though in spreading the message of avoiding drug use in the 21st Century.  For those of you who have NOT tried drugs tell us why and how you avoided them.