confusedNABNA recommends liability insurance for all federal law enforcement officers.

With federal employee liability insurance, you are afforded legal defense and indemnity protection for personal capacity lawsuits (Bivens actions), and administrative and criminal defense for acts, errors or omissions arising out of your scope of employment.

Federal agencies will reimburse all federal law enforcement officers up to half the cost of this insurance. And as a NABNA member, you are eligible for a discounted rate on FEDS (Federal Employee Defense Services) PLI reducing your cost to only $280 annually (up to $140 of which is reimbursable by the agency).

NABNA Discount Code: NABNA

It is the distinctive features of the FEDS policy and experience in representing federal agents and officers that makes FEDS the recommended provider by NABNA and other leading law enforcement associations. For comparison information, please call FEDS at 866.955.FEDS or
Attorneys are expensive. Liability Insurance isn’t. FEDS $1,000,000 policy is $280 annually, or $140 after agency reimbursement.
Contact your HR rep for eligibility and reimbursement instructions.

Get your FEDS Protection in place today.