FEDS offers discounted protection for NABNA members

Federal Agents have exposure to civil lawsuits, criminal investigations & administrative & disciplinary matters.

FEDS Professional Liability Insurance is imperative to the protection of your performance record, your savings, and your career.

  • If you don’t know what your exposures are – find out!
  • If you have put off getting coverage because you just haven’t had the time – make time!
  • As a federal agent, you are eligible for reimbursement by the agency so your costs could be as low as $130 per year with the NABNA Member Discount. After signing up with FEDS, you will receive your coverage certificate and receipt via email. Then, complete and submit your reimbursement form.
  • Download the registration form here

Need Additional Information?

  • For the exposure areas of federal agents, read Overview.
  • For a list of the most common allegations made against federal agents, read Administrative Exposures.
  • For explanations as to why DOJ represents federal agents in some civil lawsuits, but not others, this is your answer.
  • For an example of a federal agent under criminal investigation, click here.
  • To compare FEDS to other providers of federal employee professional liability, click here. Payroll deduction is also available through FEDS.
  • For articles about PLI pertaining to federal agents, read these.
  • To order FEDS brochures, just contact FEDS with the number needed!

Still have questions?

Call 866.955.FEDS (3337) or visit our website:  www.fedsprotection.com

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